John Legend – What You Do to Me


Thank you John! aaaayyyyy !

John is back and he is better than ever .On December 2nd John Legend released What You Do to Me on YouTube. “Darkness and Light” is the name of his new album.

Actually it’s totally not a typical “John Legend – Sound” but who cares.. the song is great and radio friendly.

“I could stop, I could leave, but no, I don’t wanna
It’s a mess I’m obsessed with your kind of torture
It’s my kind of torture
Oh, I rise, you fall, we wreck it all
You kill me with every kiss and don’t you know…”

I don’t have to explain the lyrics i guess… we all know what it means.

To be honest the whole album is awesome. I really like Marching Into the Dark and Darkness & Light.

You can check out the album on YouTube.

chuz, Jessie


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