Hey guys!


you probably already know how much I love food 😀 and especially healthy food!

That´s why I thought about to share my favorite recipes with you! Some people asked me about it and here we are. I would like to start with my favorite Smoothie Bowl. It´s super healthy and delicious AND it gives me a feeling of satiety (which I usually never have!!! LIKE NEVER). I love to eat it for lunch and not in the evening … I think that it´s better when I eat the sugar (even if it´s just fruit sugar) during the day because it gives me a lot of energy.

Here are the nutrition facts


Around 300 calories.. this is pretty nice! Of course we do have a lot of carbs because of the oats and fruits, but that´s fine… I mean look how much protein we got in this recipe 🙂

So here is the recipe:

1.) Smoothie

  • 30g Oatmeal (Haferflocken)
  • 90ml hot water (heisses Wasser)
  • 60ml unsweetened almond milk (ungesüsste Mandelmilch)
  • 45g Banana

2.) Topping

  • 150g Papaya
  • 60 g Blueberries (Heidelbeeren)
  • 12g Powdered Peanut butter with Stevia (Erdnussbutterpulver mit Stevia)
  • a little bit of Granola (5-10g)


Soak the oats for around 10 minutes in hot water. They will absorb all the water. Then mix the soaked oats with the almond milk and the banana till it´s smooth. ( I use the Nutribullet for it), after that you can use any fruit you want as a topping. I love papaya and blueberries…it´s SOOO GOOD!

Here is also a quick video for you! I hope you like it!



Let me know if you love it as much as I do and if you are interested in more recipes.


xx Jessie


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