V//N Swim

V//N Swim


Some of you may know that I am addicted to bikinis. I dont know why but I just love the idea of wearing a bikini at the beach, getting tanned and drinking a fresh young coconut. This is paradise! 🏝

V//N Swim is a Brand from switzerland (not sweden and not swaziland) and we all know that switzerland is famous for „best quality“ .. and it’s true. I checked the Bikini yesterday quite well. No mistakes and the material is LIT! I love the cut and the color!! Pictures of me wearing the bikini coming soon!
Check it out :

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Xox Jessie




Lovely ha?

Look how tanned I am *dab*. The guy next to me is my „bro“.. one of my best friends Lukas…. I am wearing a nice beige short and a nice Top from Jeans Zone again.. yes again but it looks sooooo good. Tanned skin and white shoes is a perfect combination 🤙🏽 i love it 😍
Xoxo Jessie


Hey guys !

Last week I had a little shooting with Jeans Zone in Saint Gallen (Switzerland)

He let me choose my favorite outfit. I am totally in love with the baggy trousers 😍 especially the combination with a beach-shirt and high heels is cute.

This outfit is perfect for a summer-night-dinner with your love ❤️

You can buy the whole outfit in the store.

Trousers: 50€

Shirt: 20€