Gabrielle Current – B&W

Gabrielle Current – B&W

I swear! This song is PERFECT! It has been on repeat for the last few hours and I can’t get enough! Not only B&W is a really good song, I also love „Come To Think (feat. Finneas)“ sooo much. When I am listening to those songs I already got a videoclip in my mind. It is super simple but the dynamic is magical! And the Sax-Solo….mh mh! GREAT! Let me know if you love it as much as I do!

And yeeees I heard the song the first time while I was watching PLL! 😉

xx  Jessie

Malibu – Miley Cyrus



I am soooo happy that she is back. This song is just amazing. The dynamic and the simplicity of the lyric is wonderful. This is my summer-surf-lovemyboyfriend-everythingisgreat-song. Miley wrote this song in the backseat of a cap on her way to the Voice. We all know that she wrote it for Liam. ahhhhh my heart! And she looks sooo beautiful in the video!!

Do you like it ?


xox Jessie


I am back with a new Track

Was für ein Reim! Man nennt mich auch „Jessie die Reimmaschine“. Ok. … Ich hab da was richtig Geiles für Euch!  Khalid ! KHALID! K H A L I D! Er hat eine hammer Stimme und das Instrumentale ist genau nach meinem Geschmack. Simpel aber kräftig. Khalid Robinson wurde 1998 geboren.. solche Fakten frustrieren mich ja immer ein bisschen… so viel jünger und so viel erfolgreicher .. damn it! Er ist aus Texas und besuchte in der High School Gesangs-,und Theater-Kurse. Super Typ dieser Khalid. Mein Boy meint ja, dass 50% von seiner Musik echt nice sei, die anderen 50% jedoch NOT. Da stimme ich ihm zu… ISSO.

Viel Spass beim anhören


Eure Jessie


Sickick is sick sick

This Song is in my playlist since feb. 2016 …that’s why I need to write about that talented guy now!. Sickick ist incredible!!! To be honest with you guys, I prefer the Sickick-Versions more than the original. I AM SORRY FOR THAT!

Who is sickick? I have no Idea! All I know is that he hides himself behind a mask and sheeeeeeetttt his beats are lit!!

Check out this video !!

Let me know what you think about Sickick!



Aminé – Caroline

Hey guys, what’s poppin?

Finally a dope music video : NO MONEY, NO HOES, NO LAMBOS, NO WEED, NO GUCCI-SIGN… never thought this could exist! Aaaaaaand you can feel that they had a lot of fun!

mhhh… the Beat is lit! ay ay ay! I really like how simple and vibrant the whole song is!

„The first time I heard the name “Caroline” was in OutKast’s “Roses,” so that was definitely an influence on me in general. But I wrote this song with the intentions of hopefully making a modern day “Billie Jean.” Caroline represents the handful of women I’ve met in my life that I would put genuine effort in.“ – Aminé (Genius Interview)

Mic drop



John Legend – What You Do to Me


Thank you John! aaaayyyyy !

John is back and he is better than ever .On December 2nd John Legend released What You Do to Me on YouTube. „Darkness and Light“ is the name of his new album.

Actually it’s totally not a typical „John Legend – Sound“ but who cares.. the song is great and radio friendly.

„I could stop, I could leave, but no, I don’t wanna
It’s a mess I’m obsessed with your kind of torture
It’s my kind of torture
Oh, I rise, you fall, we wreck it all
You kill me with every kiss and don’t you know…“

I don’t have to explain the lyrics i guess… we all know what it means.

To be honest the whole album is awesome. I really like Marching Into the Dark and Darkness & Light.

You can check out the album on YouTube.

chuz, Jessie