Pop Americana Artist Jessie Goldsmith bridges continents and cultures through her heartfelt pop Americana tunes. Splitting time between Zürich, Switzerland and Nashville, Tennessee, Jessie’s music resonates with listeners far and wide. Her music captures the warmth of Nashville sounds with a fresh European twist. Music has been part of Jessie’s life from an early age, growing up with musicians. Her creative process is shaped by a love for storytelling and the magic of live performance. Jessie’s music is about authenticity and the raw emotions that make us human. In 2019, Jessie released her first single “Jealous.” Her latest single, “Be Brave,” was released in August 2023. Beyond the stage and the studio, Jessie leads an active life of surfing, running, and playing tennis. One of her biggest passions, next to music, is food, especially finding the best cookies in town. Whether in Zürich, Nashville, or anywhere in between, Jessie’s music invites us to be brave, to connect, and to embrace the beauty of authenticity.